If you cycle, run, dance or just walk to Salt & Straw, you used your hip flexors.  Attaching at the pelvis, femur and patella, the hip flexors help bring your leg forward and raise your knee in front of your body.

These little devils are frequently in action, so they tend to be stronger than the opposing muscles, the hamstrings.  But because sitting (or cycling) for long periods of time keeps them contracted, they’re often reeeeealllllly tight.

To maintain equilibrium between both sides of your legs (which helps prevent injuries), include hamstring strengtheners – yes, think: Mega Hamstring Curls – with hip flexor stretches in your routine.  With Lagree Fitness, you don’t have to sacrifice a good workout to stretch those hip flexors!  Whenever we do the Elevator, Floor and Express Lunges, we are stretching them out, while also strengthening the hamstrings and glutes on the opposite sides. Still need more, ask your favorite Lagree instructor to incorporate some psoas stretching at the end of class.  Stronger.  Less injury prone.  More flexible.  Just another benefit of Lagree Fitness on the Megaformer!


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