We have a pretty amazing community of boss ladies at Firebrand! To celebrate Mother’s Day, we asked some of our instructors to weigh in on how their mamas helped shape their interest in health and fitness.

KATE CARY | Mom:  Eleanor


“My mom, Eleanor Cary, has been a huge influencer in my love for outdoor recreation. My parents moved from Louisiana in the 1970s to be in Oregon’s beautiful backyard. She has a huge passion for cross country skiing, hiking and kayaking. Growing up, vacations always meant camping, biking  and hiking. She’s always been my number one supporter in soccer as well. When she was in high school, girls athletics involved baton twirling at football games and marching in the band. She wanted so much more for me and gave me every opportunity to find my true athletic passions.”

SARA STIMAC | Mom: Linda

P8030152.JPG“The mother-daughter relationship is uniquely special.  Many times mothers and daughters become friends, even best friends.  But it’s a whole new level of trust and partnership when you and your mother going into business together, like my mother Linda and I did at Firebrand Sports in Portland. While we don’t always see eye to eye on every aspect of the business, there is a fundamental respect that we have for each other in business that you can’t always count on with just anyone. As a mother-daughter team, we really endeavor to fill our business with the love we have for each other.  We enjoy seeing other people – especially other mothers and daughters, which we have a lot of at Firebrand – fall in love with the workouts and community that led us to quit our corporate jobs and throw our lots together. There’s no one I’d rather have on my team than my mom Linda.”

CATE WADE |  Mom:  Ann

IMG_6356“My mom didn’t come from a generation that really allowed women to play sports, but she was an athlete nonetheless.  Word on the street is that when she was super pregnant with me, she was still biking 8 miles to work and back.  She really does it all. Yoga in the morning and than a project at the house sanding and refinishing the floors in the upstairs guest room.”



IMG_6357 2“My Mom has always been my biggest supporter, #1 Fan and at every single recital, dance competition and Blazer game. I’m so fortunate that my Dad worked so she could stay at home, and that enabled me to have every opportunity possible. From practicing tap dancing in my garage at 4 years old to gluing rhinestones on my Blazer audition uniforms, she’s been there every step of the way. She always encouraged a healthy lifestyle and although I was much better at dancing than the other sports we tried, it was about trying new things, never quitting and most importantly, to keep moving! That ultimately led me to find Firebrand and a new outlet to continue dancing and living a healthy life. I love teaching and motivating other people to hit their goals and know that any dream is possible. My dream as a little girl was to be a Blazerdancer, and now as I move on to new dreams, I know my Mom will be there the whole time! Happy Mother’s Day to all those Mother’s out there! You are the behind the scenes for every performance, show, game and barre class, and I am so thankful she is mine!”



DARA REFFITT | Mom:  Linda

image“For as long as I can remember, my mom has always been active.  She drilled 3 things into me at a young age:  be active, eat healthy food and wear sunscreen.  Now, I like to think we influence each other.  I got her into Lagree and encourage her to try the new classes, she always asks if I’ve signed up for my classes.  We hold each other accountable.”



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