In a little over a year, Firebrand Mark Redding has lost over 65 pounds and has transformed himself physically, mentally and spiritually. We asked Mark to share his inspirational journey.

13239223_10153922520523241_5788185339291903986_nMark! 65 pounds lost? Amazing! How long did it take?

“Just over a year ago I committed myself to a new lifestyle.”

One year? Wow. What motivated you to start?
“It was all baby steps. It started with a company step challenge and grew from there. A few extra steps per day is all it takes to initiate change. I started out slow by committing to hiking once a week for two months.”

How did you find Firebrand?
“I started running, but hurt my knee, so I had to figure something else out. That’s when Cate Wade recruited me to Firebrand Sports and Lagree Fitness. Lagree Fitness was low impact on my joints, but gave all the benefits of a total body workout.”

Any nutrition tips?
“I slowly changed my diet and am mindful of what goes into my body. As they say, you can’t run from your diet!”


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